Receive up to $500,000 for your healthcare business or practice, no liens or collateral, pre-approved in 24 hours.

Med Direct understands the specific needs of healthcare businesses. With financing based on volumes of reimbursements from Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurance, and self-pay A/R including credit cards and the industry’s fastest, cheapest, and easiest loans and cash advances, we’re sure to have the best financing option for your growing business.

Product Features

  • Funding from $15k-$500k
  • Nationwide focus on healthcare businesses/practices
  • Upfront cash payment/loan against future receivables
  • Financing against all Private and Government healthcare insurances, Care Credit and all other receivables
Healthcare Funding

Are you ICD-10 Compliant?

The transition to ICD-10 will impact everyone working in the healthcare industry. In addition to implementation costs, the impact on reimbursements is a great unknown. Experts advice having several months’ cash reserves or access to cash to avoid potential delays in reimbursements.

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