Med Direct Funding has made the process of acquiring funds for your business as easy as possible. The way our products work consist of three parts.


  • Fill out our 1 Page Application and Provide The Past 4 months of Bank Statements
  • Within 24 hours we will contact you with funding options
  • Once you choose an option, your business bank account will be credited with the funds within 5 business days.


  • Unlike a bank loan, we do not require fixed payments on your financing
  • We go directly into your Credit Card Processor or Bank Account and remit payment as a percentage of your sales
  • Therefore, if your business has a slow day/week/month we only remit payment relative to your sales


  • We value our relationship with our clients and offer an automatic renewal option.
  • If all payments are on time during your repayment term, we will offer to immediately credit your account for the same amount at a lower cost.